Life with my loud neighbour

Living in a public environment can sometimes be excruciating. Having all the liked manner of behaviours, can put you somewhere between regret and understanding them. I once had a neighbour with great communication skills and Everytime I see her I kinda wanna avoid, because when someone needs a quiet time, that’s when she comes along. I couldn’t push her away but simply slip through the avoidance process. For a guy like me, I talk when I want to and not every time. Well you can say I am an introvert or an ambivert.

Seeing her again, I would always get nervous. but I tried keeping a peaceful bond between both of us though. Having a conversation with her felt relaxing but at the same time i felt too much of the talking, because it makes me wonder why would someone talk this much.

The next day, when I saw her. I felt nervous, not because I was afraid of her. but because she was able to express herself to the fullest. At that case, what felt lacking for me was how she could do it with less effort and I kinda of wondered and envied her at that part of her life.

Something that makes us unique is just the way we express ourselves individually, and that always come in handy in our lives.

And something I realised was why would she talk so much. The answer she always give me is a look or the saying, none of your business. seeing she’s a bit older than me, so I always kept the respect in a prospective manner even as friends.

What she opened up to me about her life felt was because she was an orphan. in which case I didn’t know of . Keeping it on the low means for her to be moody at times. Been her friend and neighbour made me appreciate her and her kind heartedness. Without much further adieu what was that I said. She said talking passes the time. that I was boring she said.

So I said why do you talk so much she replied and asked me, why am I so quiet everytime. So I said it was my nature so then I realized what it meant all along. And I felt terrible for my misjudging character. Hopefully wanting me to understand her more. so I learned how to live with others no matter how different you are. do not misjudge or dislike anyone you don’t like…..

I felt like writing a story so what do u think.



  1. beetleypete says:

    When I lived in London, I had horrible loud neighbours. I never got any satisfaction trying to stop them banging all the time, so I was very happy when I moved away. Thank you for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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